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raetcochemi producer of metal sulfate.

Raetcochemi | ریتکوشیمی

This company was registered in 1999 and established by a group of graduated students of Amirkabir University with the aim of creating new plans and improvements of industries. The company entered the field of fertilizer production and succeeded in launching a pilot factory in 2002 with the capacity of 30 tons per month production of ironesulfate. Due to the unrivaled customer satisfaction, the production capacity increased to 70 tons per month in 2003, which lasted for one year and in 2004 we achieved 150 tons per month but because of environmental protection, the factory was moved from karaj to Pakdasht industrial town. In 2006, we managed to launch a production line with the capacity of 600 tons per month, which unfortunately, due to the severe market downturn in that year (especially the global market), we could not achieve the main capacity of the factory but we succeeded in producing a maximum of 250 tons per month, which we achieved in the recent years, with a boom in the market. For the benefit of our  customers, in 2013, we developed a portfolio of products for the company and launched a 24% copper sulfate production line with a capacity of 30 tons per month and 17% aluminum sulfate with a capacity of 300 tons per month. We  hope in the coming years, with a variety of products, we  can take a more important step towards the development of our Country.


Iron sulfate

Bivalent iron sulfate

Sulfate Ferro is a compound with a chemical formula FeSO4.7H2O which can be produced in the form of blue or green crystals, depending on PH. Normally, there are 7 molecules of water in the composition of iron sulfate, and in case of getting dry, it loses 6 molecules of water and changes to a single white water (mono hydrate) powder. Iron sulfate is a component of raw material for fertilizer production. The amount of iron sulfate in cereals and fruit trees varies depending on the type of product and soil type. For example, pistachio trees that grow in salt marsh have the highest amount.

Trivalent iron sulfate

Ferric sulfate with the chemical formula Fe2(SO4)3  is produced in yellow and brown, usually found less in the market, and is mainly used for purifying water and sewage also as pigment.

Iron sulfate is one of the most consumable chemicals. Germany and England in Europe and China and India in Asia are the world’s leading manufacturers of this substance. Of course, the manufacturing method differs in the developed countries with the third world countries, since they are produced and condensed from large steel mills factories wastewater. In China, for example, mineral processing such as Titanium Oxide is used. Iran also has a lot of production units in Zanjan, Isfahan, Qom, Tehran and Kerman provinces because of its high demand for iron sulfate. In addition to domestic consumption, part of the product produced in Iranian factories is exported to neighboring countries, including Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Pakistan and Tajikistan.


Aluminum sulfate

Aluminum sulfate with a chemical formula Al2(SO4)3 is a white compound with a very high dissolution in water, which is the second most toxic aluminum compound after aluminum oxide. This substance can be produced simply or in salt with potassium, ammonium or sodium, which is then called aluminum alum. The most important aluminum alum is the salt formed by ammonium with the chemical formula NH4Al(SO4)2. Many people confuse these two materials together and consider them as different forms of a product. Aluminum sulfate, depending on the amount of water used to dilute sulfuric acid, can have 8-32 molecules of water in its composition.


Copper sulfate

copper sulfate with formula CuSO4.5H2O has Transparent blue crystals, and light blue Powder. The copper sulfate crystals are gradually split in dry air, then dried and converted into powder. At 45 ° C, it loses 2 molecules (2 molecules attached to cu will be released at a lower degree) and will lose 4 molecules of crystalline water at 110 ° C. These 4 molecules are attached to so4 and will be separated harder from the copper molecule and will lose the last crystalline water at 250 ° C. this substance is decomposed at 400 ° C and has a specific gravity of 2.87.




Headquarters Address:  iran , Karaj, Gohardasht three-way,  corner of Meysam 11 ,arman Tower

Phone: +98 26 344 37840

Phone:+9826 34437840

Mobile phone: +989121975117

Email:  info@raetcochemi.com

Site:  www.raetcochemi.com